Much like the pharmaceutical, car and digital industries, farming and pasturage are important economic activities for the great Auvergne Rhône Alps Region..

Renowned for its Michelin star restaurants, its cheeses, charcuteries, wine and the quality of its animal and vegetable produce, the Auvergne Rhône Alps is characterised by its agro-food industries: in our region, jobs in this sector, employ twice as many staff as the national average.

The cultivation, processing and development of products form a world that embodies a passion and exigency shared by everyone involved. These values are the basis of our call for applications: to enable these men and women to more effectively live out their passion, and for organisations to increase their performance, with the help of digitalisation.

Le Bivouac’s public and private partners, in association with partners of scale federated for this occasion, offer 3 Agritech focused triggers and themes, from field to dining table:

  • 1. Introduce new technologies to optimise farming

    Are you able to connect fields? Animals? Machinery? Would you like to help farmers make choices based on intelligent data processing? Do you enable farmers to understand, optimise and facilitate the work on their holdings? Do you offer new growing methods? Urban farming? Vertical farming? Do you have solutions that will improve agriculturalists’ well being? And the well being of cooperatives? And all this with the help of digital solutions?

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  • 2. Improve processing and development of agricultural produce

    Do you enable the tracing of ingredients or processes at every stage in order to improve food safety or quality? Are you developing new extraction technologies? Fragmentation technologies? Do you offer 3D printing solutions for food? Do you offer new ingredients, processes or techniques for the development of new products? Ideas for different finished products? Systems that enable teams to perform better? And all this using solutions that involve digital tools?

    #machinelearning #sector #traceability #NFC #logistics #connectivity #foodsafety #additiveproduction #recipes #ingredients #processing #healthcontrol #mycotoxins #sensors #factoriesofthefuture #quality

  • 3. Offer consumers a better experience

    Do you have ideas for developing finished products? Are you focused on interfacing with consumers, on establishing their needs or on their “education”? Do you have ideas for new recipes, for example? Are you offering traceability that is accessible to consumers and enables them to find out who produces what and how? Do you offer new consumption methods? Have you developed solutions to help better understand consumers? Are your solutions digital?

    #sociallink #shortcircuit #informationtransparency #traceability #connectivity #foodsafety #additiveproduction #distribution #marketing #communicationtools #gamification

Are you a start-up? Have you created a team that is motivated and ready to take off?

Does your project meet our requisites for connectivity, intelligence, farming and associated sector data processing, or additional showcasing and consumer interfacing? We look forward to receiving your proposal! !


Not sure your project really matches with our call for project, ask us ! !

Following submission of your application form, our jury, made up of professionals and experts from the agricultural and innovation communities will create a shortlist for participation in our seminar.

Shortlisted start-ups are invited to a two-day selection seminar in Clermont-Ferrand.

At the seminar, start-ups and our partners involved in the call for projects will meet to introduce themselves, exchange knowledge and share issues. Opportunities for partnership, collaboration and deals will emerge, which will form the basis of future relationships between the retained start-ups and Bivouac partners. .

You will co-construct your deal with our partners

At the seminar, you will be able to examine and evaluate your development potential with Le Bivouac and its partners, get some insight into our region and co-construct a joint project with one or more major players within our ecosystem..

It’s win-win!

And if you aren’t retained, you won’t have wasted your time, as you will have made connections with those partners present, which may lead to potentially interesting work opportunities!

  • Because you will have privileged access to all our partners, with expertise and mentors at your fingertips. That’s the advantage of a human scale metropolis
  • Because we offer excellence and contacts from R&D to implementation : INRA, IRSTEA, Vetagrosup, SIGMA, ARIA Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, ADIV, Céréales Vallées, Via Meca,
  • Because you will be able to access full size testing grounds either those of our industrial partners or our partner clusters, including the Laboratoire d’Innovation Territorial Terres de Limagnes, Living Lab located 15 minutes from Le Bivouac
  • Because if you aren’t from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the Regional Territorial Development Agency will finance your accommodation costs for 6 months**
  • Because we will open international gateways through our partners’ networks (Limagrain, Michelin)
  • Because you will be able to build networks with your clients, your prospective contacts and partners in one of our partner lodges at the ASM Clermont Auvergne rugby matches
  • Because you will be supported by Maïté, Sylvain and the rest of the Bivouac team, as well as our partners’ selected experts
  • Because you will be part of an exchange and interaction that already involves twenty or so start-ups

*For up to 4 project leaders for 6 months for this call for projects, up to 500€ per month.

Our promise

to accelerate your development and increase your chances of success!
We will support you in growing sales and breaking into your markets:

  • By guiding you in market segmentation
  • By helping you target the right customers
  • By supporting you with your first contracts

To begin well

A two-day seminar with start-ups and industry representatives

To take off

A project assessment, setting of a plan of action, a set of personalised training involving seminars and workshops

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